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Influencer campaigns 2021: key dates of the year
Influencer Marketing

Influencer campaigns 2021: key dates of the year

This content is outdated, we are currently working on updating it!

To obtain the best possible results with your influencer marketing campaigns 2021, the best is to plan a year-long strategy. Influence marketing is constantly evolving and nowadays renders the best results through long-term collaborations and with a constant presence on social media.

During the year, we assist to a good number of key commercial periods as well as key days. To launch a global, year-long influencer strategy it’s advisable to know these dates in order to profit from them through your influencer campaigns.

What is the difference between a key commercial period and a key date?

A period of time during which the number of sales is higher than usual, which is predictable and repeats itself every year is a “key commercial period”. For instance:

  • Christmas Holidays;
  • Back to school season;
  • Winter sales, summer sales.;
  • Black Friday;

A key commercial period lasts, as a general rule, longer than a day. Another one of its characteristics is that they tend to be universal: every brand of every sector communicates massively as Black Friday approaches, during Christmas Break, etc. and a great number of countries celebrate these events.

On the other hand, a key date is a concrete day dedicated to an event or value. For instance:

  • Valentine’s Day;
  • Mother’s Day;
  • National Holidays;

Some key dates are internationally known (like Valentine’s Day) which means many brands already communicate around this time period. However, most key dates are less known and vary from one country to another.

Communicating during key commercial periods is evident and something that brands have been doing for years. Key dates also offer the opportunity to showcase creatively and communicate with influencers. What’s more: key dates correspond to the habits and culture of each country. Getting to know these key dates and what they represent will bring you closer to your audience. Launching influencer campaigns 2021 for these days will give you a clear competitive advantage.

Hivency’s Solution: an influencer calendar

The year 2021 has already begun, but it’s never too late to plan your influencer campaigns and events for key dates. The influencer platform Hivency has created an Influencer Campaign Calendar 2021 with the essential key dates to communicate on throughout the year. We’ve also included ideas for collaborations and campaigns that will help you get started with your influencers and profit as much as possible from this tool.

The most effective way to use the calendar is to print it and always have it on your desk. It will serve as inspiration and will remind you of the key dates that merit a collaboration with content creators.


We’re going to give you a peek of the month of April:


Screenshot 2021-04-07 at 11.06.55

During International Earth Day, think about launching a recycling challenge with your influencers. Ecology and the sustain of the planet are two topics that increasingly interest consumers in 2021. You can promote your brand by showing solidarity on this day and communicating your values.

You could, for instance, invite your influencers to organize a giveaway on their profiles. In order to participate, followers must follow the influencer and your brand, then comment one action they do every day to help the planet. The winner will be gifted one of your products.

Hivency’s Influencer Campaign Calendar 2021 has all the key dates until December 2021. Every month, discover exclusive campaign ideas as well as tips and tricks to optimize your influencer strategy.