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Synchronize Skeepers with Adobe Campaign
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Synchronize Skeepers with Adobe Campaign

Skeepers is the first Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM) solution that can be synchronized with both Adobe Campaign Classic and Adobe Campaign Standard. Here’s how you can use this feature to enrich your contacts in Adobe Campaign and improve the performance of your marketing campaigns.

Skeepers is the first EFM platform that can be connected with Adobe Campaign

Skeepers has developed a connector that enables you to synchronize the data collected via Skeepers surveys with Adobe Campaign. We place great value on integrating our Feedback Management Solution with the CRM and BI tools that our clients use.

Our Adobe Campaign connector works with both versions of the solution:

By using our connector, you can upload feedback that you have collected from your customers via surveys, in real time.

Skeepers is the only EFM platform that offers seamless integration with the 2 versions of Adobe Campaign, with no technical intervention required.

Using this connector:

  • You can send invitations to surveys created using Skeepers directly via the Adobe Campaign interface. We recommend that you continue using the campaign editor available in Adobe Campaign rather than the one in Skeepers, simply because this prevents your data from being disbursed among various different tools.
  • Your contact pages will continuously be updated with the information that you receive from your surveys (profile information, preferences, satisfaction scores, etc.)


  • The information that you obtain from Skeepers enables you to create more consistent audience segments and a more targeted marketing approach.

Remember, Skeepers is a customer knowledge solution that enables you to create and share highly-targeted surveys via all different channels: websites, email, text messages, social networks, chatbots, and mobile apps, as well as terminals in stores.

Our solution also includes an advanced reporting tool and dashboard to help you analyze the feedback that you have collected and track changes to your indicators.

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What features can Skeepers offer, compared to the Adobe Campaign Classic survey module?

Adobe Campaign Standard does not include any customer survey features, while Adobe Campaign Classic offers a survey module. Nonetheless, there are still benefits to integrating Skeepers with Adobe Campaign Classic, as the Skeepers solution enables you to go further in terms of creating and sharing your customer knowledge or customer satisfaction surveys.

Here are the key benefits of using Skeepers in place of the Adobe Campaign Classic survey module:

  • Skeepers allows for omnichannel sharing of your surveys, including via text message, ChatSurvey, pop-in ads or social networks. This can not be done using the  module in Adobe Campaign Classic.
  • Skeepers is a cloud-based solution that can be accessed from anywhere, at any time, and from any device (computer, tablet or smartphone), while the Adobe Campaign Classic software needs to be installed on a hard drive.
  • With Skeepers, your recipients can answer the first question of the survey directly in the body of the email, enabling you to achieve significantly higher response rates.


  • Skeepers enables you to program post-survey actions. This is a key point, as collecting customer feedback and comments is only valuable if these are used to trigger specific actions. For example, a notification can be sent to customer service if a respondent has expressed dissatisfaction in a survey, so they can get in touch with the customer.

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  • With Skeepers, you can create comprehensive dashboards and reports, and share them within your company.
  • Skeepers enables you to implement alerts based on indicators: for example, an alert can be sent if a customer has left feedback expressing dissatisfaction, or if an indicator falls below a certain number.

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More than simply a customer survey application, Skeepers is a complete customer knowledge solution. By connecting it with your Adobe Campaign account, you’ll be able to enrich your database and improve the targeting of your marketing campaigns. Feel free to contact us to find out more about how you can use Skeepers with Adobe Campaign Classic or Standard.