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Nano influencers: the key to a successful influencer campaign

Nano influencers: the key to a successful influencer campaign

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Collaborations with brands have traditionally been limited to content creators with millions of followers. However, little by little this practice is reaching different profiles on social media. Brands new favorite profiles are those of nanoinfluencers. In spite of their reduced number of followers, nanoinfluencers are the key to successful influencer marketing campaigns. Learn everything you need to know about these small, but powerful, brand ambassadors. 

Collaborations between brands and nano influencers generate the maximum engagement

Nano influencers interact with a reduced community of less than 5,000 followers. Even though it’s pretty counter intuitive, the reduced size of their audience is actually a point in their favor. Nano influencers have true, personal relationships with their followers. They interact with them on a daily basis through posts, likes, comments or private messages. 

What is the result of this implication in their relationships? Nano influencers have an excellent engagement rate. On Instagram in 2020, users with less than 1,000 followers had an average engagement rate of 8%, as opposed to 1.7% in the case of content creators with more than 100 000 followers. These numbers don’t leave marketers indiffirent!

As a logical consequence, more mature brands are more and more attracted to nano influencers. Macro and micro influencers are still, of course, essential pillars to influencer marketing. However, enterprises are no longer content with traditional image and notoriety campaigns. Nowadays, they want to lean on authentic consumers to connect directly with their clients and naturally extend the conversation surrounding their products. 


Nano influencers are an essential trust element to consuemrs

On social media, nano influencers are what we refer to as “normal users”. They make a recreative use of the platforms and share their experiences as well as their favorite products. Their audience is made up of people they know and close friends (coworkers, friends, family…) with whom they exchange in equal terms.

In the eyes of their contacts, nano influencers share an authentic discourse. These consumers sustain brands whose values they share, and recommend products thay they sincerely appreciate. They’re sincere and neutral, and spontaneously adopt the role of an intermediary between brands and customers. 

That coworker that always recommends restaurants, that cousin that shares the wonders of his latest purchase on stories… perfect examples of nanoinfluencers!

They’re enthusiastic, sincere and credible. Nano influencers are the ideal spoke people for brands. They’re the missing step between content creators and consumers, they supply the social proof that leads to the purchase act. They’re an element of trust and tranquility, which is why they’re becoming an essential marketing tool, especially since the rise of online commerce

Nano influencers allow hyper targeted communication

As a general rule, nano influencers interact with individuals they deal with in “real life” and with whom they share diverse centers of interest. A relatively homogenous community is built around them, defined by certain socio demographic characteristics. 

Thanks to nano influencers, brands can speak up in a hyper targeted manner and address themselves pertinently to potential clients. Indeed: 

  • Nano influencers reach a very localized public. They’re ideal allies for proximity markets, but also the right collaborators for drive-to-store operations carried out by bigger brands.
  • Nano influencers communicate about niche products. Apart from the numerous lifestyle nano influencers, a very generalized profile, many nano influencer profiles exist that are much more specialized. No subject escapes the interest of these passionate internet users: cultural stories of Europe, eco-friendly parenting, maternity in the big city… we can only be in awe of the quantity and the detail of the treated subjects.

Nano influence can be used autonomously with the objective of selecting “niche” customers to whom your offer is destined. It can also be activated as part of an influencer marketing campaign of wider reach. It’ll be a powerful tool for inclusivity, as it will allow you to be in contact with different segments of your clientele in a personalized manner. 


Nano influencers are a vector for competitiveness

Nano influencers help brands be up to day with the market. They’re an essential aspect of any client-centric strategy. They know perfectly the taste of their followers and can easily survey the community and uncover precious insights for brands.

The brands that collaborate with nano influencers have a competitive advantage that allows them to develop products and operations in perfect line with the public’s demands. 

Brands stand to win a lot when working with nano influencers, securing sales and distancing themselves from the competitors. In the future, these consumers will be very solicited in anticipation of influencer marketing campaigns, with the objective of cocreating and profiting from their precious knowledge of the public and the market.

Nano influencers are an important source of UGC 

Content creater by nano influencers is called UGC (User Generated Content). They’re the testimony of effective consumer experiences and come from authentic customers. 

The advantage of UGC? This type of content presents a strong value in the eyes of consumers: 79% of interrogated consumers declare that publications generated by other web customers impact their purchase decisions.

Who hasn’t consulted client reviews before making an online purchase? Or checked out images on social media before booking a hotel room or a restaurant?

Integrating nano influencers into their influencer campaigns, brands assure a bank of quality UGC. Images, videos and reviews that they can put forth through their own communication supports throughout the year with the objective of increasing their conversion rate. An advantage that shouldn’t be overlooked!


Nano influencers are engaged and available partners

Nano influencers are an accessible resource for brands. They make up the great majority of influencers. However, nowadays, the enterprises that collaborate with these opinion leaders are still a minority. An interesting opportunity presents itself to the brands that will know how to integrate nano influencers into their influencer marketing strategy ahead of the rest. 

Nano influencers are willing to collaborate with brands that they appreciate and with whom they share values. As a testimony, we have all the spontaneous mentions that brands receive. It’s a tendency aligned with a much bigger movement.

Numerous, available and passionate, nano influencers are the ideal brand ambassadors. Thanks to them, enterprises have an excellent engagement rate guaranteed as well as a conversion rate, first-hand insights, quality UGC, a continuos presence on social media and excellent notoriety. All of it for the budget equivalent to a collaboration with one macro influencer. Not bad. 


It’s clear: nano influence is advantageous. The missing link between brands, content creators and consumers, nano influencers are the essential ingredient to successful influencer marketing campaigns.

Thanks to Hivency’s influencer platform, you can easily identify nano influencers that correspond your brand, handle your campaigns easily and analyse the results of your operations. 

Image credit: Katie E via Pexels