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8 Questions Before Choosing a Smart Survey Software

8 Questions Before Choosing a Smart Survey Software

Surveys are a marketers best friend. Not only are they one of the most effective ways to build a relationship with your customers, they also are a low investment, easy to use resource that increases your ROI. However, creating, sending out, and analyzing survey results can be time consuming and difficult if you don’t have the software necessary to help you maximize your results and streamline your processes. More and more marketers are looking to smart survey software to help them send out surveys with the right questions, at the right time, with the right feel. If your marketing team is looking to invest in a smart survey software, here are some essential things to consider before making your choice.

#1 Does it help you ask the right questions at the right time?

If you’re going to invest in a software, the first thing you need to look into is how smart it really is. The best part about smart survey software is its ability to help you organize your current data (buyer profiles, sales history, etc.) in order to help tell you when and what you should be asking your customers. If your software doesn’t offer targeted questioning and comprehensive data analysis, it isn’t going to help you improve targeting or improve your customer experience, and you should keep looking.

#2 Does it look good?

As a marketer, you know the importance of a good appearance. When things appear confusing, crowded, or simply not aesthetically pleasing, people tend to click away, and that means losing new leads. Your goal is to have people complete and submit the survey, so having a professional, clean look with the right format is absolutely essential.

#3 Will you see a ROI?

This should be a no brainer. There’s no need to invest in a software that isn’t going to end up working for you and your bottom line, so that you can prove the value of the software to the decision makers at your company. The best way to check this is to do your research: compare softwares, look at customer reviews, and talk to your sales reps to see what each software has to offer compared to their price. The right software might be a bit of an investment, but it will pay off in spades once you get a survey strategy going.

#4 Is there support?

When you get started with any new software, you’re going to have questions. It’s essential that the software provider you go with has great customer service and information available to help get you started. And knowing how important customer service is for customer retention, the survey software you choose should have top of the line customer care.

#5 Does it work with what you have?

This is an important and often overlooked aspect of finding the right survey software system. If your sales and marketing team already uses Salesforce or other CRM software, you might be able to find survey software that integrates with it. If so, this will save you time and a lot of hassle, so make sure to ask your sales rep before purchasing.

#6 Is it automated?

Marketing automation is growing in popularity, and now that there are so many advancements in the world of automation, there is no reason for you to accept a software service that doesn’t provide helpful automation features like automatic targeted replies and question formation.

#7 Do they have an informative blog or how to guide?

Getting high functioning software is important, but it’s equally as important for you to have an information resource that will help you understand the world of surveys and get you ready to make a campaign. Since you’re probably not a survey sending expert, make sure your software provider is. You’ll want to hook up with a company that provides how to guides, blog posts, downloads, ebooks, and other useful resources that you can use throughout your journey.

#8 Is the company focused on your customer experience?

At the end of the day, what you’re looking for is a software that will improve the customer experience. Your software should have features that stay focused on this overall initiative. Some of the more generic survey softwares might not be as focused on customer experience, especially if they are not softwares specifically built for marketing feedback.

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