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Exciting News: Skeepers Welcomes TokyWoky to the Family

Exciting News: Skeepers Welcomes TokyWoky to the Family

We have some fantastic news to share with you today – Skeepers has officially acquired TokyWoky. This marks a significant chapter for us, strengthening our leadership in the User-Generated Content (UGC) space.  

While this is a significant moment for Skeepers, it’s equally thrilling for our customers worldwide. Together, we’re poised to tackle head-on the modern challenges of commerce, empowering global enterprises to foster communities of loyal consumers. Our goal is to help our customers create, collect, manage, and activate their UGC at scale while building loyalists around their brand.

Why Is this Acquisition Such a Game-Changer? 

TokyWoky specializes in building white-labeled customer communities for brands. These are digital platforms where brands can bring their best customers together to engage in discussion groups, contests, surveys, events, product tests, and even gamification.  

It’s about creating a closer bond with customers, enhancing their loyalty, and empowering them to produce authentic UGC.

TokyWoky's all-in-one Community Platform

Imagine a bustling community hall where your consumers gather to share reviews, recommendations, and experiences about your brand. They find inspiration, get inspired, play games, earn rewards, and leave feeling happier about you. TokyWoky provides you with this platform to create a vibrant community experience, but digitally. Here’s how it works: 

  • Build Customer Communities: To put it simply, customer communities are essentially digital spaces that allow brands to bring together their top customers and engage with them through tools such as discussion groups, contests, surveys, events, product testing, and gamification, among other activities.  
  • Reward Loyalty: By engaging consumers and offering them unique experiences, you can transform them into loyal fans who actively advocate for your brand.  
  • Generate non-stop UGC: Within these digital spaces, brands can effortlessly generate user-generated content (UGC) at scale. From DIY projects to showcasing favorite outfits, beauty routines, testimonials, and product photos, the audience is empowered to engage with the brand and contribute valuable content. 

With this, you not only increase product discovery, product page conversion, and total online revenue, but also leave your community feeling happy and positive about you. 

The Power of Customer Communities 

“At Skeepers, we’ve seen firsthand how customer communities can make a big impact”, says Marc Bonnamour, CEO of Skeepers. He says, “working with our clients, we’ve noticed that 20% of customers bring in over 40% of revenue, while less than 5% create more than 80% of user-generated content (UGC). These loyal customers are extremely valuable to brands and retailers. That’s why it’s crucial to nurture these key customers for organic growth. With our acquisition of TokyWoky, we’ve made it simpler to manage customer communities and generate UGC. This addition enhances our existing UGC one-stop-shop, making it easier for brands to build and manage their own communities, ultimately boosting both the quality and quantity of UGC they produce.” 

As we welcome TokyWoky in our journey, here is what you, our customers, our partners, and our community should know:

Our Commitment

At Skeepers, innovation is our cornerstone. It’s ingrained in our DNA and drives our continuous efforts to redefine how brands connect with consumers. We’re ready for substantial growth year after year, aiming to take TokyWoky’s innovation and customer-centricity to new heights.  

In the following months, we’ll seamlessly integrate TokyWoky’s community management solution into our comprehensive UGC SaaS platform and incorporate it into our ongoing innovative R&D initiatives. Our dedication to delivering value to our customers, and partners has only strengthened with the inclusion of TokyWoky. 

The Future of our Solutions 

With TokyWoky now part of our team, we’re more equipped than ever to help brands unlock the full potential of their communities. This acquisition isn’t just about merging two companies; it’s about redefining how UGC is collected, created, managed, and activated at scale. Skeepers remains committed to generating authentic UGC at scale and we continue to offer and invest in this promise with our existing suite of solutions.

TokyWoky by Skeepers

TokyWoky will now be known as “TokyWoky by Skeepers”. Looking ahead, our primary focus at Skeepers is to empower our customers to leverage their consumer communities fully, enhancing revenue and expanding UGC production. TokyWoky seamlessly aligns with Skeepers’ vision, acting as a crucial piece of the puzzle.   

For instance, cultivating and interacting with a dedicated consumer community boosts loyalty and spending among high-value consumers. Through incentives like redeemable gamification points and exclusive rewards, TokyWoky clients typically experience a 10% to 50% increase in revenue from community members.

Quentin Lebeau, CEO & Co-founder of TokyWoky

“Integrating TokyWoky’s Community Management into the Skeepers UGC SaaS solution is a natural fit for us, and a perfect home for our technology innovation to flourish. Brands and retailers can now centrally manage both their customer community and UGC content within one set of solutions with all tools they need to retain their key customers and drastically scale the value they produce. We’re delighted to be part of the Skeepers family.” 

TokyWoky is trusted by major global brands, such as Sephora, Carrefour, Leroy Merlin, L’Oreal, Lancôme and GRDF among others. Skeepers will be actively engaging in cross selling activities across the two customer bases globally. 

Looking Ahead

We are thrilled about the possibilities on the horizon. With TokyWoky’s expertise, we’re set to further empower brands to bond with consumers, amplify reach, boost engagement, drive sales, and enhance customer retention. 

Stick around for the ride. We are only scratching the surface and can’t wait to dish out more updates along the way. 

Thank you for being part of our journey. Together, we’re going to make waves in the UGC space.