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10 tips for collecting feedback after an event

10 tips for collecting feedback after an event

If you’ve ever organized an event, you definitely know how much work goes into the process. Finding a venue, deciding on a theme, inviting speakers, promoting the event – there’s always a long list of things to do!

Once your event is over, take a moment to celebrate its success, but remember that there’s still an extremely important task ahead of you. Evaluating participant satisfaction is essential, and the perfect time to do by sending a survey is immediately following your event.

1. Be sure to send your survey as soon as the event is over

Send your survey immediately after the event, while the experience is still fresh in your participants’ minds. The longer you wait, the less feedback you will receive. The quality of this feedback will also be affected. Schedule your survey invitation to be sent out at the planned end time of the event.

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2. Take photos and videos of your event and include these in your survey

Use these (sparingly) to accompany related questions, and remind participants of the atmosphere and experience you created during the event.


3. Add photos of the speakers

Though it’s easy for you to remember the name of each speaker, it’ll be very difficult for your participants to remember them without seeing a photo (unless your speakers are named Mark Zuckerberg, Marissa Mayer or Richard Branson!)


4. Include key ideas and messages from your event

A post event survey is an excellent opportunity to reinforce your core message and offers an additional way to communicate with your participants. This type of interaction will also allow you to connect with certain participants more effectively than a formal thank-you message. Of course, images and videos help with this!

5. Make sure that your survey works correctly on mobile phones

It’s highly likely that your participants will take your survey immediately after your event – in a taxi, train, or before taking their flight. Make sure it’s easy for them to do so!

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6. The design of your survey should fit with the visual identity of your event

You worked hard to create an amazing experience for your participants, so be sure to keep this experience going via your survey. The more you remind participants of the overall feel of the event, the better quality feedback you will receive.


7. Provide some key figures about the event for your participants to share

This will ensure that your participants have a few important figures in mind when they recommend your event to those around them. For example: “More than 200 brands in attendance,” “2000 participants,” etc.

8. Customize your thank-you page

Your survey is also an opportunity to thank your participants for their attendance. On this thank-you page, include links to high-quality content related to your event (videos, key presentations, special offers, etc.) This will give participants access to your content immediately after the event, when they’re especially curious to learn more.

9. Promote your next event or include a persuasive call to action

A post event survey is also a chance to promote your next event, as well as other initiatives that will enable you to connect with your customers all year long.


10. Ask questions that will provide you with measurable and actionable feedback

Make sure that the feedback you receive is presented in a way that lets you answer key questions that you are wondering about. These questions will help you make improvements for your next event.

Bonus: 10 examples of possible questions for your post event survey

  • What is your overall level of satisfaction with this event?
  • How relevant did you find the topics that were discussed?
  • How would you rate the quality of the content provided?
  • Do you have any comments about the speakers?
  • How satisfied were you with the event venue?


  • Were you able to easily connect to the Internet?
  • What did you think of the food, beverages, and entertainment?
  • Was the venue easily accessible?
  • What aspects of the event could be improved?
  • What is the likelihood that you will participate in our next event?

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