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8 Techniques to Encourage Repeat Customer Purchases

8 Techniques to Encourage Repeat Customer Purchases

8 Techniques to Encourage Repeat Customer Purchases

August 26, 2021

8 Techniques to Encourage Repeat Customer Purchases

August 26, 2021

If you’re an online retailer, acquiring new customers shouldn’t be your only goal.
The key to success is loyalty. You must ensure that your customers repeat their purchases as often as possible.
So, how can you encourage your customers to buy from you again after a first purchase? Discover 8 effective techniques.

1 — Offer Similar or Complementary Products

A lot of online retailers use cross-selling.
This involves suggesting similar or complementary products to those your customers or website visitors have clicked on or added to their basket.
This technique allows to increase the average basket value and can also be used to encourage repeat purchases.
For example, uses Shopify platform to display the latest clicked-on products on their website:You can also send your customers emails with product suggestions that are similar to those they’ve recently bought. This technique is based on a simple and intuitive principle. When you present customers with products that are linked to their previous purchases and that they are likely to be interested in, they are more likely to make a repeat purchase.

2 — Update Customers on New Products and Offers

Are you about to market a new product range? Are you offering a new service? Are you organising a commercial event (e.g., sales, etc.)?
Either way, it’s important to keep your customers informed, by sending out a newsletter for example.
This will ensure that your customers don’t forget about you and maintain (or reawaken) customer interest in your brand.

3 — Send Personalised Offers

Newsletters are a “one-to-many” marketing technique, although modern email software allows for greater personalisation (e.g., newsletters for men / newsletters for women).
But the Holy Grail of digital marketing is the one-to-one approach, which consists of sending your customers personalised content and offers, based on their profile, purchases and interests.
According to a study, 78% of consumers expect personalised prices and special offers.
Personalised offers are, by definition, far more likely to interest your customers, and therefore to trigger a purchase.
These offers can be sent by email, SMS, on your mobile app (if you have one), or even directly via your website (in the form of a pop-up, for example).

Tips for increasing your campaign conversion rates: delivery incentives (e.g., free delivery), promotional codes or a sense of urgency (limited time offers).

4 — Provide Attractive Services

In e-commerce, it takes more than a pretty product catalogue to appeal to customers and encourage them to make repeat purchases.
You also need to offer advantageous services.What makes you stand out from your competitors is not the products you sell, or your prices, but also and maybe above all, your different services.

5 — Mix Contact Channels

Companies often focus their communication and marketing on email. Which is a shame because there are so many other channels out there!

The best way to make your communication more effective and impactful is to adopt a cross-channel approach: social media, SMS, website (chatbot), mobile app, etc.

This approach will enable you to reach your customers more easily and to encourage them to buy from you again.

6 — Send Satisfaction Surveys

This is probably the most important technique or strategy. Customer satisfaction is key to optimising your repeat purchase rate.
Customer satisfaction is the first step towards loyalty, and therefore repeat purchaseq.
Sending satisfaction surveys allows to measure your customers’ satisfaction levels, ensure that you’re meeting your targets’ needs and identify areas for improvement.
You can send survey invitations by email (e.g., Kiosquemag), as well as SMS, via your mobile app, website (pop-up), or even QR Codes. MyFeelBack enables you to manage and mix these different deployment channels.

7 — Setting up a Loyalty Programme

Building customer loyalty is key for getting your customers to buy from you again.
To encourage the loyalty process, there is an old but still effective technique: loyalty programmes. With each purchase, the customer cumulates points that entitle them to benefits or discounts.
You can also offer customers who sign up to your programme priority services.
Most online retail software includes features to set up and manage these kinds of programmes.

8 — Build a Good Customer Relationship

In e-commerce, the customer relationship is very important.

A good customer relationship strengthens the link between your brand and customers, creates a relationship of trust, and develops your customers’ interest in your products or services.

On the flip side, a bad customer relationship will result in your customers turning away.

If you want customers to come back and repeat their purchases, then make sure to provide a considerate, attentive, personalised, responsive and professional customer service.