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TikTok launches new platform to enlighten brands
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TikTok launches new platform to enlighten brands

This content is outdated, we are currently working on updating it!

TikTok, the social network specialized in videos, continues to break records: 2 billion times downloaded, with a consumption time that keeps increasing. In just a few months, the application has become THE must-have, ever-evolving media where brands want to be present.

For newcomers, understanding how it works and gaining popularity among the mass of existing content can be tricky. What content to post? How to post it? And when? It’s not always easy for brands to get familiar with this fast-growing social network.

Business Creative Hub, a boost for companies

On April 16, TikTok announced the launch of the Business Creative Hub, a tool for business accounts. The objective: to enlighten brands on current viral trends and guide them by revealing the best practices for a good start to the TikTok adventure. 

The creation of this Hub overcomes a recurring problem for brands present on the platform: the lack of inspiration as well as an ignorance of key trends and tips. This tool is composed of two main resources: a Business Content Guide and a regularly updated Video Showcase.

To use it? Nothing could be easier!

Owners of a TikTok Business account have to go to the “Business Suite” section accessible via the “Settings and Privacy” menu.


The Business Content Guide: tips and tricks to perform

Business Content Guide platform TikTok


This guide is a concentrate of precious information that allows brands to carry out an efficient content strategy and gain visibility on the platform. It includes best practices from popular brands on TikTok, tips on scripting and shooting videos, optimizing your business account and more!


Crédit photo : Image TikTok layout by Hivency

The Video Showcase: a selection of the latest trends not-to-be-missed

TikTok Business Creative Hub platformCrédits photo : 

The Showcase section highlights current trends in three alternatives:

  • The trending business

The first alternative shows videos of business accounts from the user’s country, listed according to a popularity index (total number of likes).

  • Engaging business

The second alternative aims to promote professional videos similar to what the brand can offer, listed according to the engagement rate (ratio between comments and views received).

  • Trending community

Finally, the last alternative presents random videos from any type of account, listed according to the total number of likes received.

In a nutshell, a tool against lack of inspiration!

As you can see, the Business Creative Hub is a useful resource for companies who want to gain popularity on TikTok. An aid to create impactful content without ever running out of ideas. A good way to make your influencer marketing strategy effective thanks to:

  • a gain of visibility that TikTok offers with its large spectrum of consumers
  • a gain of notoriety brought by popular content creators who promote products through partnerships
  • development of your community’s fidelity through interactions on the platform
  • and, ultimately, an increase in your sales 

No doubt that this feature will become a real marketing performance opportunity for brands!


Crédit photo : Solen Feyissa via Unsplash