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Travel: evolving towards individualized marketing

Travel: evolving towards individualized marketing

The travel industry has been shaken up by the digital world, this has in return completely transformed the customer journey. It is therefore essential for the professionals of the travel and the hotel industry, to capture the interest of its prospects when they are in search phase.

Predictive Marketing Activation puts individualized marketing to the benefit of travel agencies and hotel groups to generate traffic on their website, capture customers presenting purchase intention during the moment they are most upstream in their travel project in order to have these customers convert quickly.

Here are the 4 main challenges that travel professionals must face to set up an omnichannel individualized marketing strategy :

1. Improve customer knowledge

Not a day goes by without hearing the word “omnichannel”. The term has become the leitmotiv of all marketing and digital departments. But if the implementation of a real omnichannel strategy is a major issue, achieving this goal is only possible through in depth knowledge of  the activity of its customers.

Through the reconciliation of online behavioral data and offline CRM data, the Predictive Marketing Activation platform makes it possible to obtain an increased knowledge of the shopping journey of its customers, and thus know journey preparation time, the number of visits on the website before making appointments in an agency etc.

By providing RFM segmentation of your database, Predictive Marketing Activation allows you to know the value of your customers and identify strategic segments within your CRM database. Identifying these segments will then help you determine which marketing activations are the most value-generating.

2. Acquisition: Generate qualified traffic websites

Many travel agency groups spend a substantial budget on acquisition, without differentiating campaigns based on the value of their future customers.

By capitalizing on customer data, Predictive Marketing Activation makes it possible to recruit duplicates of its best customers or identified priority segments, as well as to exclude known and existing customers from campaigns.

By identifying a reconciled customer on Google, Predictive Marketing Activation offers the ability to adjust bids based on the customer’s membership of a segment, and to customize the Adwords depending on when a customer expresses its needs.

3. Detect prospects with high potential

When we know that more than 80% of French people prepare their trips online, it seems essential for travel agencies, to detect and qualify customers presenting purchase intention visiting their site to optimize their transformation.

Because of its ability to analyze hot browsing data, Predictive Marketing Activation is able to evaluate a consumer’s appetency for a product via a scoring model.

The Salaün Holidays example: working with the Predictive Marketing Activation platform, Salaün Holidays can focus its marketing efforts on “hot” prospects and increase ROI of its actions. For example, every morning Salaün agencies receive a list of hot prospects to contact by phone.

4. Build brand loyalty and increase your repurchase rate

One of the main challenges of any company operating in a competitive sector such as travel, is to retain customers, while maintaining its image.

Thanks to the Predictive Marketing Activation platform, you will now be able to customize your on-site and digital communication in real time, taking into account the purchasing history of your customers. This individualization of communication is made possible thanks to the recognition of connected visitors or not, is essential to retain the brand and generate the Up sell.

Our platform also allows you to detect your customers with behavior identified as “at risk”, and allows you to act proactively, before it is too late.

Find out how our client Salaün Holidays has managed to:

  •  get a unified customer vision and digitize nearly 50% of its customer base
  •  estimate that 90% of the hot on site detected leads , actually bought a trip within 30 days.
  •  achieve conversion of more than + 16% of the files that were relaunched versus those not relaunched

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