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Why is an influencer platform the ideal ally for an agency?

Why is an influencer platform the ideal ally for an agency?

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You’ve probably heard it before: influencer marketing is one of the few levers that empower brands to achieve their goals. This sector is moreover more efficient and more precise than conventional advertising.

These powerful results are reflected in various statistics and studies that revealed that 75% of marketers plan to increase their influencer marketing budget by 2021, according to Influencer Marketing Hub. In addition, this same study reveals that the profit of the companies is exponentially higher than the budget invested in these campaigns. This translates into an earned profit of $ 5.20 for every $ 1 invested in influencer marketing.

Results revealing the success of this sector, which allows us to understand why brands are starting to create and plan campaigns where influencer marketing is the heart of their activity. However, the latter do not always get the desired results.

Why? Because to gain in efficiency, establishing a budget and carrying out influence campaigns are not enough. The key lies in the identification of influencer profiles that correspond to the values ​​of the brand, as well as in the monitoring and analysis of their performance.

If what you want as an agency is to make your campaign successful, you absolutely must integrate influencer marketing actions into your strategy. With these content creators, you will be able to build a strong and lasting relationship between consumers and your brand. And that’s when calling on an influencer platform becomes essential.

Finding suitable influencers, a fundamental step

Finding influencer profiles that match a specific brand can be a difficult task if you don’t have the tools to do it. If the success of a brand lies in finding profiles from which it can derive maximum benefit, the search and selection must be optimal and detailed. To achieve this, it is essential to integrate an influencer platform in the development of the influence campaign.

How does the matchmaking service work?

The influencer platform provides the agency with a segmented directory of profiles corresponding to the brand’s needs. Therefore, researching and finding influencers for a campaign becomes a snap.

Time saving and degree of success in the selection of profiles are the two essential elements provided by the influencer platform, highly appreciated by brands.

Controlled influencer campaigns 

Influencer platforms provide the agency with a selection of profiles whose notoriety has been verified, which represents a considerable advantage for brands.

In addition, the platform ensures that the agency has access only to real influencer profiles in quality communities. Influencer marketing aims to enrich a brand image and reach the targeted audience in a very precise way, so activated influencers must be authentic and professional.

Influence platforms, much more than a directory of profiles

An influencer platform is an essential ally for agencies when it comes to all influencer marketing campaigns. In addition to the value and quality of the profiles, the platform allows the monitoring of campaigns as well as the control of the performance obtained by content creators. Indeed, it is just as important to launch a campaign as it is to analyze it.

Thanks to these features, the agency can measure, in a very intuitive way, the campaigns’ performance. As well as accessing data such as the global reach, the engagement rate or the Earned Media Value, the brand can also look up at the number of opinions or comments generated during a campaign.

The value of content

Optimization is one of the primary goals of an influencer platform. This is why all the content generated during a campaign is put at the service of the agency. Thanks to the image bank of the platform, any member of the company can easily access and download the content created by the influencers. This valuable content can also be posted on the brand’s other digital channels.

Support, essential support for brands

Influencer marketing can be uncharted territory for many agencies that are integrating this industry into their overall marketing strategies.

Whether unknown or perfectly mastered, influencer marketing is a sector that needs to be guided. Influence platforms offer to support brands in their actions, a crucial element in understanding how influence works and running effective campaigns.

This support is provided throughout your influencing experience, from didactics on how the platform works to specific advice on actions or activations to be carried out during the campaign. The aim is to provide quality support throughout the process.

Do you want to launch an influencer campaign?

If so, don’t forget to contact an influencer platform to help you:

  •  Find, connect and manage influencer profiles in line with your brand and that match your campaign criteria.
  • Carry out the campaign on the social media of your choice, optimizing the time and resources devoted to this purpose.
  • Follow and analyze the campaign’s development. 
  • Act effectively and get all your questions answered with professional, quality support.

Credits: Emma Dau via Unsplash