Live Shopping

Organize shopping parties and individual shopping sessions in live videos broadcast on your e-commerce website and your social networks​

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Create privileged conversations

Humanizes and facilitates the online shopping experience.

Broadcast live everywhere

Offer your audience an entertaining shopping experience without the hassle of travelling or searching! ​

Boost conversion rates​

Online consumers can directly add the products to their shopping cart during the live​.

Omnichannel Technology fully integrated with your e-commerce website

Broaden your omnichannel strategy and establish strong and stable relationship with your customers ​


Tease your community on social networks.


Select the products you want to display during the Live Shopping sessions​.


Pick the shopping experts that will present them.


Push the live on several devices at once.


Start the Live session, generate interactions with your customers.


Add the video created to your Replay Library and repurpose it on your communciation channels​

Give your customers a robust platform to share their experiences

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Live Video Shopping SaaS Solution​

Combine the power of video with the expertise of your sales teams to enhance your customers journey & experience! ​

Shopping Party

Shopping Party​

Launch a new product, present a new collaboration or a limited series directly from your store, and broadcast it simultaneously on your social networks where online customers can interact and easily proceed to checkout.​


Clients who need more info about a product have access to a list of available online vendors and can call one of them. Once the vendor answers all questions about the product, the clients can directly add it to their cart and finalize their order. ​

Bring your community together around unique events​

Combine the power of live video with your teams’ expertise and change your consumers’ shopping experience forever.

Easier launches

Launch a new product live and get instant feedback from your customers​n

Stronger interactions

Offer a dedicated point of contact to your clients during their shopping sessions

Better alignment

Create a better synergy between online & offline experiences

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Give your customers a robust platform to share their experiences

Find out what your customer’s experiences can do for your business. Now more than ever the voice of the customer and brand loyalty will fuel your company.

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