Consumer Videos

Your customers are the best Brand Ambassadors. We help you collect, create and disseminate authentic and quality videos made by your customers for your brand.

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Videos are the Key to Success

As of 2021, 82% of world traffic is generated by videos. Videos are an integral part of our life and fundamental to the purchase process.

Influence Purchasing Habits

For 85% of consumers, Consumer Videos influences purchasing decisions more than content created by brands.

Consumer Created Videos

Create a large amount of videos, very quickly and with maximum impact. Let your customers create unique content for you.

Advanced technology that collects videos for you

With Consumer Videos, you collect and disseminate authentic and engaging videos made by your customers and collaborators. The creation will be handled entirely by our solution. Get maximum results, with minimum effort.


Our tool selects video creators from your community members, identifying your best Brand Ambassadors.


Users are guided step by step in creating the video. The process is very simple and enhances customer loyalty.


Once created, the video is automatically optimized by our solution to obtain perfect content that is immediately ready to use.


Our platform adapts perfectly to your needs. Choose the tools, functions and graphics that best suit your brand.


Your video is ready, share it far and wide. Videos are automatically published to your product sheets, social media channels and YouTube.


Monitor the results of your campaigns with customized dashboards and reports: you will instantly see the impact of videos on your sales.

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Transform your customers into brand ambassadors

Strengthen trust in your brand and increase conversions (on average by 68%!) With the help of your customers: they will create authentic and spontaneous videos that can instantly win over your website visitors.

A New Era of UGC

Take your marketing strategy to the next level. Your customers are talented – give them the opportunity to create effective, quality videos for you.

Online Community

Videos are a powerful tool. With our solution you involve your customers: the result is an active community loyal to your brand.

Inspire Consumers

The best way to attract and inspire users is to use the voice of real customers: with videos the effect is even more concrete and tangible.

Share on Social Media

Videos made with Consumer Videos are immediately available in the “ready to share” format for all social media! Spread engaging and ready-to-use testimonials on your social videos.

YouTube Automation

The videos are automatically published on your YouTube channel and optimized for SEO with title, description and keywords. Increase your organic views in just a few clicks.

Video Shopping

Reinvent your shopping journey with an interactive and bespoke video gallery posted on your site and from which users can add products to their cart.

Discover our Inspirations videos and ask for your demo

Custom video player for your ecommerce site

Share authentic and engaging videos on all product pages of your e-commerce. Our custom video player is designed to increase engagement and sales by improving the user experience of your site. Infuse your website with videos that can instantly win over your website visitors.

Custom Player

Customize the design and functions of your video player to suit your brand and offer your customers a memorable shopping experience. Add in extras such as subtitles, product features, video sequences and much more.

Ecommerce Savy

Your video player is designed to ensure maximum effectiveness: your customers can share the video by increasing traffic and add the product to the cart with just one click directly from the video.

Increase Sales

The video player is easily integrated and super fast. Integrate it into your e-commerce and increase conversions: you can track the conversion rate of video views and monitor the impact on sales.

Benefits of utilizing Consumer Videos by the numbers

The videos created by your customers not only improve engagement, transparency and brand reputation, but also have a concrete impact on the performance of your business. Take a look at the stats.


Of consumers turn to video content as a reliable source of information


Decrease in abandoned carts when customer videos are available on product pages


Of your content is authentic and created by verified consumers promoting trust in your brand

If you trust them, you'll love working with us

Give your customers a robust platform to share their experiences

Find out what your customer’s experiences can do for your business. Now more than ever the voice of the customer and brand loyalty will fuel your company.

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