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Tester Reviews Transparency Charter

Gifted Review

Gifted Reviews, or tester reviews, are important for us, but also for people who are looking for authentic feedback about products before they buy.

That is why it so important to be transparent about our review management processes.


All Internet users can register on the Skeepers Influence platform as long as they accept the General Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy. Before being able to register for a first test campaign, the tester will have to fill in all the mandatory information on his profile. Once the profile is completed, the tester enters the Skeepers community of testers.


All testers who are part of the Skeepers Influence community can voluntarily sign up for different test campaigns. If their profile matches the brand’s needs, they can order the product they want to test directly on our Skeepers Influence platform for free. Once they have received the product, they must test it before submitting an authentic review on the different platforms provided in the initial brief. The review can be positive or negative: the only requirement is to give a detailed description of what the tester liked, or the points to improve.


Please note that the initial brief will never specify to a tester what he/she should write in his/her review, it only gives general indications on the subjects to be covered in the review such as the texture, the color, or the smell of the product for example. In order to be able to accessthe links of the different platforms where to submit their reviews, testers must first submit their reviews on our Skeepers Influence platform.


Once submitted on our platform, we do a moderation of the reviews via automatic controls, and human controls to make sure they respect our Golden Rules.


Please note that our platform may ask a tester to modify his review during the automatic check if he does not clearly mention that the product has been offered, in case the target platforms do not have an option to specify it when submitting the review. Other reasons may lead to a request of modification of the review such as:


• 75% similar content to another review submitted on the same product in the last 6 months

• Content mentioning the words Octoly, Hivency, Skeepers, or a banned word.

• Content referring to a medical aspect (diseases, symptoms etc)


Our platform will never ask a tester to reformulate his review because of an inappropriate rating.


Each review submitted on our platform is linked to the reviewer’s data, which we can contact for verification purposes if necessary.


Once the review is validated on our Skeepers Influence platform, testers will be able to post their reviews on the different platforms provided for in the initial brief. Once the reviews are posted on the target platforms, mentioned in the initial brief, they can be used by these websites according to their own Terms and Conditions. Skeepers Influence has no control over the reviews posted on these external platforms. Skeepers Influence does not store the reviews in its databases and therefore cannot reuse them.


Testers can modify their reviews on the Skeepers platform within 3 months. To do so, they must contact Skeepers support. Please note that this modification will have no impact on the reviews published on the other platforms. If they want to modify the reviews posted on the other platforms, they will have to contact them directly.