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Rebranded and Ready to Grow! 

Rebranded and Ready to Grow! 

Transforming Trust Into Commerce

Welcome to our brand-new brand. As we enter our next phase of growth, we’ve updated the Skeepers brand look and feel to better reflect our leadership position as the fully integrated one-stop-shop UGC suite.

You’ll see our fresh new logo and colors on our products, our new Skeepers website, and all of our branded collateral—and our new Avis Vérifiés website will launch early next year. We’re still the same Skeepers you know and trust to help your brand stand out, build customer trust, drive engagement, and boost your sales.

Our innovative AI-based solutions continue to empower consumers, influencers and subject matter experts to become brand advocates and ambassadors, disrupting traditional marketing strategies and setting new standards in trust and consumer engagement across the pre- and post-sale phases of the consumer journey.

Consumer trust is the new currency in today’s world—and the voices and experiences of other consumers have become its gold standard. Shoppers today are not only more discerning, they’re also willing to do their homework. Insights and recommendations shared by fellow consumers hold far greater value than traditional advertising, with 90% of consumers saying user-generated content (UGC) influences their buying decisions.

Attention spans are shorter, media channels are more fragmented, saturated markets make it hard for brands to stand out, and online ad-blocking software and consumer avoidance of ads have made selling more challenging than ever. Ensuring you can effectively create, gather and leverage authentic UGC is not just valuable, it’s now imperative for business success.

It’s Time To Get Real

What real people authentically say about your brand and your products is now one of the most powerful influencing factors in consumer awareness, engagement, purchase, loyalty, and trust. Shoppers trust user-generated content 6.6x more than branded content—making it the most trusted form of content for a business.

Harnessing the consumer voice might sound easy, but creating, collecting, managing, activating, and optimizing all the different types and formats of UGC at scale across all social platforms is complex, time consuming, expensive and an integration headache. Even if brands work with an agency, aside from the expense, the content won’t be authentic.

Skeepers makes all of this easy. Our multi-award winning full UGC solution suite offers a seamless one-stop shop that lets you flex, scale, and grow at your own speed—with Product Ratings and Reviews, Consumer Videos, Influencer Marketing, Live Shopping, Feedback Management and Customer Data Activation. We help brands get real with consumers through authenticity, efficiency, and proven results.

In just four years, we’ve become the established UGC leader in Europe and the UGC solution of choice for 8,000+ brands to create and collect, manage, activate, and optimize their UGC at scale. If you’ve been part of this momentum, I’d like to personally thank you for your support and for taking this journey with us. If you are just joining, buckle up for a great ride!

Let’s get real together !