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Everything you need to know before working with nano-influencers
Influencer Marketing

Everything you need to know before working with nano-influencers

This content is outdated, we are currently working on updating it!

For many brands, influencer marketing has become an essential lever in their digital communication strategy. Indeed, influencer marketing is constantly evolving: macro, middle, micro or even nano-influencers, the choice is wide, it is sometimes difficult for brands to find the right influencer.

For a few months now, the number of subscribers and likes has lost all its importance, consumers are more and more bored with paid and repetitive partnerships on social networks. They are looking for authentic, transparent, and passionate profiles. It is therefore in the best interest of brands to focus on nano-influencers, a small target, but a very committed niche community!

What is a nano-influencer?

A nano-influencer is a passionate person with between 1,000 and 5,000 subscribers. It could be your friend who loves to share travel photos, your sister who is a fan of cooking, or your cousin who enjoys surfing.

A nano-influencer is not there to influence but to share a passion with his restricted community, which follows him for his content. We talk about a niche target.

A niche target can be defined as a segment of a large market, determined by its needs and preferences that differ from the global market. In the fashion market, for example, we can find people who only consume luxury products or Vegan products, it is, therefore, a niche target.

A nano-influencer is passionate and usually an expert

People who follow nano-influencers do so for specific reasons, these subscribers are looking for inspiration, advice, and especially authenticity. This small community is built around their relatives and people who share the same passion.  As a result, the level of trust between nano-influencers and their communities is higher. The latter consider them as a reliable source in all areas and usually on a specific niche.

Nano influencers have the most engaged audiences

Nano influencers have the most engaged audiences and the highest reach among existing influencers. Partnerships are far from expensive for a brand. In fact, some nano-influencers work with brands in exchange for free products, without asking for monetary compensation.

For example, the Nivea brand used several nano-influencers to communicate about the launch of its new solid skincare products. To do so, the brand chose to collaborate with niche influencers who are sensitive to clean beauty

Nano-influencers feel privileged to work with a brand they love, so they will have a strong and authentic message. Moreover, they will be more involved in the production of their content to create a real relationship of trust with the brand.

How to successfully collaborate with nano-influencers?

Find nano-influencers that match your niche:

If you are looking for influencers with a niche target, Instagram is your best friend! Thanks to Hashtags, you’ll be able to identify a wide selection of influencers.

On the other hand, if you don’t have the time to spend days scrolling through social networks to find nano-influencers suited to your brand, choose influencer platforms like Hivency. Our research tool allows you to quickly identify influencers that match your brand through hashtags, but also filter them by criteria such as number of followers, engagement rate as well as access to their audience quality for optimized targeting.

Don’t neglect endowment:

Many collaborations with nano-influencers are not paid, nevertheless, they receive a lot of products, so it is important to bet on a nice personalized endowment to make you stand out (goodies, a handwritten note, etc.) The goal is that the influencer feels valued and that he has something to create a nice visual.

For the launch of Erborian’s new 2020 products, the brand sent influencers a box with several goodies: chili powder to remind them of the main ingredient of its Red pepper range, as well as sesame seeds and a reusable milk bottle for its sesame Milk & Peel range. 

The influencers loved this nice attention and made beautiful visuals, also called User Generated Content, which can be reused by the brand after the campaign!


Since the community of these content creators is small, it’s recommended to collaborate with several nano-influencers in your niche to increase your brand’s awareness to as many people as possible.


As mentioned above, a nano-influencer has a highly engaged community. A good engagement rate is estimated to be around 2.5% across all industries. Nano influencers with up to 5,000 followers often have an average engagement rate of 7-10%, this rate can even go up to 20% depending on the number of followers. This excellent engagement rate is explained by the close relationship the influencer has with his community. 

Finally, if you are satisfied with the content produced and the results generated by your nano-influencers, make them your brand ambassadors to build a long-term relationship.  With nano-influencers, you can create strong relationships and convert your influencers into brand ambassadors. For successful influencer campaigns, it is important to create long-term relationships with these influencers. An influencer who likes your brand can also become a loyal customer and recommend your brand in an organic way. So ready to get started? 

Photo credits: Dominic Sansotta via Unsplash