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Insight & Feedback Management

Leverage your customer experience and grow your business! We help brands build deeper customer relationships by gathering feedback throughout their buying journey. Together, let’s make every interaction an opportunity to delight your customers. 

Why choose us?

The benefits of the platform

How does it work?

Our success stories

Why choose us?

Customer Feedback is priceless

Digital transformation has led to more and diversified interactions between brands and consumers. Each of these touchpoints provide an opportunity to reconnect with your customers.


Collect feedback on these key moments to reinvent the customer experience, implement a customer-centric brand strategy and turn feedback into business opportunities.

Reinvent the customer experience

What is the key to continually improving your customer journey and products? Gathering customer insights. How? Firstly, by sending customers smart surveys throughout their relationship with your brand.


Then, by measuring and assess the impact of your optimization actions. This is a win-win strategy that strengthens your customer relationship and helps you develop your products to better satisfy them.

Implement a customer-centric brand strategy

How can you ensure that all your employees are committed to customer satisfaction? By using customer feedback as a lever! Share your insights with your teams and engage them.


Our Insight & Feedback Management solution helps reconnect your employees and customers and implement action plans based on their behavior and profiles. Leverage your customer feedback to turn your promoters into ambassadors, win back abandoners, instantly manage dissatisfaction and much more!

Leverage customer feedback

Our slogan is “From data to deep connection”. It’s easy to see why! You can get a full overview of each of your customers by collecting feedback and feeding data into your digital tools (CRM, e-ticketing, marketing automation, BI, Analytics, CDP, etc.).


Provide a personalized experience to delight customers and ensure conversion with the right product, at the right time, on the right channel.

The 4 benefits of the platform

  • Enrich your customer knowledge
    To become (and remain!) a brand your customers love, you need to move at their pace. Understanding their needs, desires and expectations throughout their relationship with your brand is key to enriching your customer knowledge! Collect data and build a winning strategy based on what your customers expect from you.
  • Manage your network, customer service and business
    Managing your customer experience means acting in their interest on a daily basis, as well as managing customer satisfaction. We provide analysis dashboards, barometers and indicator monitoring so that you can take action and improve your customer experience. Track the performance of each of your points of sale and compare them to each other and the rest of your network. Share this data with your employees through dashboards so that they can leverage it on a daily basis and monitor their performance.
  • Improve your customer experience
    Strengthen your relationship with customer data! Purchasing preferences, favorite products, buying frequency, socio-demographic criteria, satisfaction levels... All these elements help improve your customers’ experience with your brand! Customer experience is an essential lever to build loyalty and engage your community.
  • Implement a "close-the-loop” process
    Leverage customer feedback to continually improve your products, processes and services. Dashboards, semantic analysis, dissatisfied customer call-backs… These are just some of the actions you can carry out with our platform to turn dissatisfaction into satisfaction.

How does it work?

  • Create smart surveys
    Add contextual data to your surveys (email address, date of last purchase, name of sales assistant, order number, etc.) to personalize and get the most out of your responses.
  • Deploy omnichannel surveys
    Surveys are part of your customer experience: trigger them on the right channel and at the right time to maximize your response rate!
  • Deploy conversational surveys
    Choose between a classic or conversational ChatSurveyⓇ format for your surveys, for an even more instantaneous experience.

Success stories

We work with nearly 8,000 clients to create strong connections with their communities, build deep and lasting relationships and achieve their marketing goals. Here is what they have to say… 

  • Clarins
    How Clarins uses the NPS to deliver an unforgettable shopping experience to its customers across all channels?
    Learn more

Take control of your customer experience and grow your business!

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