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Live Shopping


Create, stream and manage live shopping events with experts and super brand lovers, to bring you closer to your community

x2 retention rate compared to traditional social networks
x2 conversion rate
200 amount of UGCs on product detail pages per year on average

Real time shopping with live engagement

Livestream is the language of today’s generation of buyers. Create engaging high-quality video events to showcase your products and interact with consumers. Our SaaS solution lets you stream to thousands of shopping parties hosted by influencers, ambassadors and experts, while building brand loyalty and monitoring sales. Its high retention rate means participants spend approximately 10 minutes watching these videos, making it unique from in-store or onsite experiences.


Engage your customer community

Live shopping is an acquisition channel in its own right. It enables you to attract new customers – especially if your hosts are key influencers with targeted or large social media followers. Live shopping is also one of the best ways to engage your community as it generates regular traffic of customers consuming content and engaging around products.

Build a deep customer relationship

Live shopping is an essential tool to speak and connect directly to your customers. Organize events with product experts, influencers, or journalists to create a closer bond with your audience and start conversations with your community around your brand, products and services. You can also engage your audience with promotional codes, competitions and live Q&As.

Maximize the impact of your live events

There is more to live shopping campaigns than just the cameras rolling. Maximizing the impact includes preparation and post event follow up. We help you use all your communication channels and social accounts to promote live shopping events beforehand and on the day of the event. Get the most out of the live shopping experience by posting replays across your eCommerce site.

Improve your sales performance

Implement live shopping into your marketing strategy to increase traffic to your e-Commerce site and boost your conversion rate. Bringing together a well-targeted audience with an interest in your products and live event theme provides a great platform for presenting limited quantity items or promotional codes to drive event sales. Live shopping has a high retention rate with participants spending approximately 10 minutes watching a product presentation.

Benefits of

Live Shopping

Humanize your brand with live shopping engagement

Organize live shopping events to create a close bond with customers and communicate about your products all over the world in an authentic way. Your community can chat directly with experts and brand professionals who know the products inside out, and/or an influencer and brand ambassador.

High quality videos

Build the bridge between the online and offline shopping experience. Show live participants how your product works in real time and use promote promotional codes that expire a few hours after the live event has finished to boost sales.

Reduce acquisition costs

Live shopping is a great way to increase your sales while reducing your acquisition costs, giving you huge efficiencies at scale, making it a key e-Commerce lever and one of the most effective promotional strategies for brands

How does it work?

  • Prepare your event

    Let people know you’re organizing a live event by launching a 360° communication plan across your channels and social media networks. Simply select the products you want to highlight and choose the right hosts for your theme.

  • Launch your livestream

    Film with a smartphone or organize premium live shopping events with video production professionals. In just a few clicks, your live video is ready to stream. Start the session and interact live with your participants.

  • Share your replays

    Post replays on your product pages to support and inform buyers on your e-commerce website. You can also create a video gallery and share these replays on both your product pages, as well as social media channels.

  • Live 1:1

    Put your customers in touch with a live sales assistant. This personal shopper for your brand can answer all of a customer’s questions authentically and specifically in an authentic way with an exclusive and fully digital service.

Get started with our live shopping solution.

Our experts are here to help get you started or improve your live shopping strategy. Start a conversation with your customers and engage them with your brand through this powerful lever.

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