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Build a Relationship of Trust with Your
Customers Through Ambassadors

Today’s consumers expect brands to be authentic and transparent. They are less trusting of brand content and are used to traditional marketing techniques.

Instead of impersonal and automated emails, they want personalized, tailored and spontaneous experiences. How can you meet these expectations as a brand? By turning your customers into ambassadors and giving them a voice! Your ambassadors, or brand advocates, are the best placed to make you known, recommend your products or services and develop your brand awareness!

  • Who are brand advocates or ambassadors?

    An ambassador in the broadest sense is someone who loves your brand, product, values and story and recommends you to others in a natural and spontaneous way. They are the most qualified people to bring your new customers.


    Ambassadors can be divided into three categories:

    Customers: they’re satisfied with your brand, their buying experience and the use of your products and/or services. They recommend your company to others through word-of-mouth, and publish reviews on your site, third-party platforms, or even Google. They are willing to share their experience in videos and show how to use your products to help other consumers.


    Influencers: these are official ambassadors you launch regular influencer marketing campaigns with, so that they can share your products with their community. You have a special relationship. They know your brand and products well and regularly talk about you on social media.


    Employees: when you think of brand ambassadors, employees don’t necessarily leap to mind. Yet they are very well placed to recommend your brand. They know your company, products and services like the back of your hand, and can represent you. Ambassador employees are committed to promoting your brand.

  • What is an ambassador’s role?

    Beyond word-of-mouth as we know it, customer ambassadors create content in which they share their experiences with your brand.


    This is known as UGC (User Generated Content), a fully digital, new generation form of word-of-mouth. UGC is far more authentic than traditional brand content and consumers trust it more: 68% of consumers think UGC is more compelling and authentic than brand content.*


    UGC can take on different formats, such as written or video customer reviews that you can post on your website, product pages or even YouTube… If you use influencers as brand ambassadors, they can also share high-quality, creative and attractive content on their social media platforms. This content could be in the form of photos, short or long videos, reels, lives, etc.


    New features are regularly added to social media networks, so there are lots of options to send spontaneous and interactive messages that engage your community.

Respond to consumers’ need for authenticity

Customers who become ambassadors regularly interact with your brand. They are familiar with your products and corporate culture and can deliver frequent authentic messages. They are already convinced of the quality of your products, customer experience, mission, etc., which makes their message even more powerful!


To help you develop your brand advocacy strategy, we offer 3 solutions in a turnkey SaaS platform:

Influencer Marketing

Our Influencer Marketing solution brings together influencers, consumers and brands around authentic experiences on social media and e-tailers’ product pages.

Ratings & Reviews

Discover the solution Ratings & Reviews Our Verified Reviews solution allows to collect, manage and leverage customer reviews to improve brands’ online reputation and conversion rates.

Feedback Management

Research, purchase, product use… Collect customer feedback about each of these stages using surveys.

  • How to convert your customers into ambassadors

    Start by listening to your customers, keeping your promises and ensuring that they are satisfied. You won’t get any recommendations if your customer experience is not up to scratch. Define your objectives: how much UGC do you want to collect, which KPIs would you like to measure? Communicate with your ambassadors, provide them with information about your brand and products, and follow-up with them to show that you value them. And of course, don’t forget to thank them.

  • Influencers can also become genuine ambassadors

    Select influencers you’ve worked with for a while and who know your brand and values. Invite them to events to get to know them better and strengthen your relationship. This is also a great way to immerse them into your world. You can also send them products to test before they are released and let them create exclusive content to showcase them!


    Review searches have increased by 45% since 2020

    Hub La Poste


    of users check that customer reviews are genuine



    of marketers say that influencer marketing has a huge impact on visibility

    Influencer Marketing Hub


    Engage your ambassador community to improve your overall score! Sales increase by approximately 24% when the overall customer review score jumps from 3 to 4 stars


Here are our recommendations to develop your brand advocacy strategy and convert your customers and influencers into ambassadors:

  • Launch regular influencer marketing and customer review campaigns (written and video)


  • Send them exclusive or preview products and ask them to test your new items


  • Foster a close relationship: let them know about product launches and collect their feedback


  • Invite them to events to show them behind the scenes and immerse them into your brand’s world


  • Place ambassador reviews at the center of your communication strategy and deploy them on your digital communication channels


  • Thank your ambassadors and make them feel valued with personal touches.

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