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Feedback Management

Collect and manage customer feedback at each stage of the buying journey to continually optimize your customer experience and engagement.

+13 pts NPS in a few months
+63% survey completion rate

Unlock real-time insights with AI-powered customer feedback

With Skeepers’ AI-powered Feedback Management, gather feedback at every stage of the customer journey, transforming each interaction into actionable insights. By sharing these invaluable perspectives across departments and teams, you can better understand, anticipate, and nurture customer needs and relationships. Effectively turning the voice of your customers into prompt action does more than create brand advocates; it also drives conversions and fosters a culture of innovation.

Elevate Customer Experience

Digital transformation has intensified the frequency and diversity of brand-customer interactions across different channels. Skeepers AI-based Feedback Management is pivotal in transforming these touchpoints into actionable insights, empowering you to not just meet but redefine customer expectations. Each feedback is not just heard, but it’s meticulously analyzed for your brand’s customer-centric continuous growth.

Gather, Assess, Improve

Our smart, omnichannel, conversational surveys provide rich insights, guiding your marketing efforts and product development. We’re not just listening but making your customers’ voices the driving force behind your innovation.

Implement a customer-centric brand strategy

Transition from customer satisfaction to customer advocacy with Skeepers Feedback Management. Our tailored action plans crafted on distinct customer behaviors and profiles, go beyond just resolving discontent. We transform happy customers into active brand ambassadors and recover potentially lost customers.

Seamless Integration, Strategic Insight

With Skeepers, every piece of feedback becomes a facet of your customer’s profile, integrating seamlessly with your existing digital infrastructure like CRM, ESP, and BI tools. We enable a customized customer journey, ensuring optimal engagement, enhanced conversion rates, and strategic product positioning across all channels.

Benefits of

Feedback Management

Deepen customer insights

Build stronger engagement by understanding customers’ needs, preferences, and expectations. Skeepers harvests critical data that allows you to not only meet but exceed what your customers anticipate from you.

Holistic Customer Management Solutions

Elevate every aspect of your customer journey by utilizing our AI-driven tools. From real-time analyses dashboards to satisfaction barometers we equip you to make informed decisions that resonate with your audience. Monitor individual point-of-sale performances, draw network-wide comparisons, and empower your team with actionable insights.

Enhanced Customer Experiences

Capture insights on purchasing behaviors, product affinities, engagement patterns, demographic segmentation, and satisfaction metrics. Skeepers helps you craft a customer experience that is seamless and personalized.

Transformative Feedback Loop

Our advanced features from intuitive dashboards and semantic analysis to proactive dissatisfied customer engagements ensure continuous improvement of your offerings.

How does it work?

Know, know, know!

  • Craft Smart Surveys

    Go beyond basic queries by integrating contextual details into your surveys. Leverage data points like email addresses, purchase dates, sales assistant names, and order numbers to personalize surveys, encouraging richer, more informative responses.

  • Deploy Omnichannel Outreach

    Initiate your surveys through the optimal channel at the most opportune moment for maximum engagement and response rates. Whether it’s via email, SMS, or web, meet your customers where they are.

  • Engage with Conversational Surveys

    Give your customers a voice, not a questionnaire. Opt for our unique ChatSurvey® format that transforms the survey experience into an interactive conversation. It’s a dialogue that provides immediate insights.

Get started with our Feedback Management solution.

Our experts are here to get you started or improve your approach to harnessing customer feedback management. Start refining and improving your customer experience today.

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    Case study

    How Clarins uses the NPS to deliver an unforgettable shopping experience to its customers across all channels?

Customer success stories

We work with 8,000+ clients to create strong connections with their communities, build deep and lasting relationships, and achieve and exceed their marketing goals. Here’s how customers are leveraging Skeepers Live Shopping.

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