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Amplify UGC, Drive Sales, Build Affinity.

Inspire Informed Decisions

With digital as the new storefront and social media as the window display, the electronics industry is witnessing a profound shift in buying and selling dynamics. UGC in this landscape is table stakes for influencing buyer decisions and providing social proof. Today’s users seek accessible, transparent, and trustworthy information, making it imperative for brands in the electronics sector to adapt to this shifting paradigm.


By integrating UGC seamlessly into the user’s journey – from product discovery to the checkout and review pages – brands can not only build trust but also foster brand affinity and, crucially, drive sales. To outpace the competition and attract new users, enhancing the customer experience is non-negotiable. Providing informative content at every stage of the buyer’s journey becomes pivotal, offering insights into the product’s real-world application and functionality. This not only wins their trust but also significantly reduces pre-purchase hesitation.

SaaS is your solution

Top electronics brands choose UGC to give shoppers a whole new experience at their fingertips.

Feedback Management

Collect and manage customer feedback at each stage of the buying journey to continually optimize your customer experience and engagement.

Influencer Marketing

Automate and scale influencer activation by collaborating with a large pre-vetted community of micro and nano-influencers.

Live Shopping

Create, stream and manage live shopping events with experts and super brand lovers, to bring you closer to your community.

Ratings & Reviews

Leverage authentic reviews to manage your online reputation, improve SEO and conversion on your website, and offer better products and services. 

Consumer Videos

Get your brand ambassadors involved in the creation of quality and inspiring videos on a large scale, to inspire and better inform consumers.

Customer Data Activation

A one-to-one marketing solution that leverages your customer data, to make each interaction of the buyers journey, a lever for incremental growth thanks to our AI predictive models.

Our Resources

If you’re seeking more content about the challenges electronics companies face and solutions that work, we have more content for you. Our robust library of content includes articles, case studies, and e-books.

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