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Beauty: Become a Leader in Customer Experience With Technology!

Do you work in the beauty industry? Then you’re one of the leaders in customer experience! But have you fully leveraged technology to maximize your brand’s visibility, customer retention and the conversion of your online and offline sales points?


There are lots of drivers: live shopping, virtual influencers, product co-creation with customer feedback, user generated content, etc. Take your buying journey beyond satisfactory… Make it memorable and immersive, to become a reference in the beauty industry!

The beauty market is evolving to meet new consumer expectations.

Beauty is one of the biggest e-commerce markets, yet more than 80% of global cosmetic sales take place in-store (source: Alioze). Creating synergies between your digital and physical stores is vital!


You also need to meet the need for an authentic and human customer experience. More than ever, customers expect a personalized and custom relationship with brands. Which is why they turn to ambassadors, such as influencers, who act as guarantors of the quality of your products.


The beauty industry has also been impacted by the rise of natural and vegan cosmetics: consumers expect brands to be transparent about the composition of their products and expect strong commitments from industry players. 


Customer feedback, data unification and user-generated content (UGC) are key to meet the challenges surrounding an omnichannel approach, and a humanized and authentic buying journey. 

You’re a marketing manager

Do you want to manage your campaigns’ ROI? Your customers expect custom products, as well as a personalized relationship with your brand. You can use AI to anticipate requests and carry out one-to-one communication campaigns, particularly during your peak sales periods. 


Do you want to make data-driven decisions? Collect your customers’ feedback to identify priority actions and ensure exceptional customer satisfaction online and in-store. 


Do you want to increase your brand awareness? Beauty accounts have the largest communities on Instagram: collaborate with micro-influencers to boost your social media visibility. And collect customer reviews to improve your SEO. 


Do you want to optimize your online store’s conversion rate? Add customer videos and live shopping replays to your product pages, to reassure consumers and boost your sales. 


You’re a customer experience manager

Are you a customer experience champion? Do you want to ensure a memorable journey? With a feedback management platform, you can quickly identify priority areas for improvement, to transform your in-store and online customer experience. 


Most beauty products are sold in-store because consumers want to smell the products, test them on their skin, etc. A digital experience alone is not enough. To create a unified journey, you need to unify and activate your customer data.


Customer data activation technology like Skeepers can help you measure the impact of your digital campaigns on your in-store sales, send targeted communications and optimize your communication with the right media mix. 

Could SaaS be the solution?

Reinvent the beauty shopping experience with our all-in-one SaaS platform.


Test your products in live shopping sessions hosted by beauty experts and influencers. Collect customer feedback to design innovative and ethical products that meet their expectations. Carry out one-to-one marketing campaigns to send personalized and targeted communications and create a sustainable relationship with your customers… and much more. 

Discover how Yves Rocher boosts conversions and engagement

To improve its product awareness and increase sales, the make-up brand Yves Rocher decided to collaborate with ambassadors via the Skeepers platform.

These collabs enabled Bourjois to generate authentic content and reuse it to enhance its e-commerce product pages.

  • 863 M

    By 2024, the global cosmetics market is expected to be worth 863 billion dollars.

    Source : Alioze, 2022

  • 48 M

    The global natural cosmetics market could reach 48 billion dollars by 2024

    Source : Alioze, 2022

  • 4e

    The beauty industry is the 4th e-commerce market in terms of number of customers.

    Source : Alioze, 2022

  • 50%

    50 % of the beauty sector’s sales growth will be attributed to e-commerce sales by 2026.

    Source Eminence, 2022

The power of social media and influencers on purchasing behaviours

Social media plays a key role in the beauty industry: skincare trends appear and grow on these platforms. 500 million people log onto Instagram, which hosts the most beauty content, at least once a day.


Moreover, video, the most engaging format to date, is ideal for promoting beauty products with tutorials or before/after reveals demonstrating the products’ effectiveness. Nano- and micro-influencers are key to building awareness, reaching a larger audience, as well as creating desire and reassuring consumers with social proof.


These influencers have smaller communities and a close relationship with them. They are key opinion leaders (KOLs), trend setters and act as guarantors of the quality of the products among their community.


You can also partner up with these KOLs to host live shopping sessions, which have a strong impact on conversion: according to McKinsey, live shopping will account for 10 to 20% of e-commerce sales by 2026. 

Personalization and co-creation at the heart of the customer experience

The beauty industry is a leader in customer experience because it focuses on hyper-personalization and, sometimes, product co-creation.


Consumers expect “tailor-made” products: e.g., Sephora uses an in-store device to scan customers’ skin and match foundations to each skin tone. Beyond the products, a personalized experience helps build a strong and lasting relationship with customers. If you listen to their needs, they will be more loyal to your brand.   


A feedback management platform can help you get to know your customers better, understand your areas for improvement, and provide you with a clear overview of your customer satisfaction on every channel and after every interaction with your brand (in-store visit, advice, delivery, product use, etc.).


You can also build customer loyalty by full leveraging your database: sending the right message, to the right person, at the right time and on the right channel (email, SMS, social media). Today, artificial intelligence can qualify purchase intent and identify all your customers’ (and leads’) preferred communication channel. 

The key role of customer reviews and testimonials

In a dynamic and competitive market such as the beauty industry, standing out and reassuring consumers is essential.


Every day, new cosmetic brands emerge, especially Digital Native Vertical Brands (DNVB), highlighting their strong social and environmental commitments, with innovative product compositions and concepts.


Customer reviews play a key role in ensuring that your site is well-referenced, because they have a positive impact on your SEO. But that’s not all! Customer reviews considerably improve your product page conversions too. 87% of French people read customer reviews before making a purchase (source: Ifop).


You can also ask customers to share their feedback in a video. Videos are even more authentic than written texts: 88% of consumers were influenced by a video before buying a product (source: Marketing Insider Group). There are multiple benefits: consumers are reassured through social proof, you generate engaging and reusable content to add to your e-commerce product pages, and your customer community feels valued. 

Here are our tips to become a customer experience champion and build your brand awareness:

  • Activate large-scale micro-influencer campaigns to promote your brand and acquire new followers on social media. 
  • Convert influencers you collaborate with regularly into true brand ambassadors to build your credibility. 
  • Get your customer community involved, to build strong and lasting relationships: ask them to share their experience with your products and brands in a video (UGC). 
  • Create recurring live shopping events during which your customers can directly interact with your brand. 
  • Collect your customers’ feedback at every touch point to measure their level of satisfaction and identify priority actions. 
  • Unify your online and offline data to conduct one-to-one marketing campaigns and personalize your communications to facilitate conversion.


Blog articles, case studies, e-books… We have lots of content, just for you, to help you become a customer experience leader in the beauty industry.  

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