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Customer Data


Boost your sales with AI-powered marketing activation.

4% increase in sales
20% increase in conversion
4x customer engagement

Target personalized offers at the pace of modern commerce

Created by marketers for marketers, our Customer Data Activation delivers personalized, relevant content to the right consumers via their preferred channels, precisely timed within the consumer lifecycle. Switch to personalized marketing to build robust customer relationships, boost conversion rates, optimize campaign performance, and deliver value for customers and your brand.

Deepen customer insights with AI

Know your customers better with our AI-powered solution that not only helps you target customers with personalized content but also extends your reach with the optimal media mix. Experience the power of truly measurable outcomes from your omnichannel initiatives.

Merge online and offline data

More than 50% of brands have a strategic challenge merging online and offline data (Converto study, 2021). With Skeepers, recognize your returning customers online, understand their buying behavior, uncover their product preferences, and engage them meaningfully at pivotal moments in their buying journey.

Boost your marketing ROI

Harness the power of AI to turn raw data into personalized marketing narratives. By communicating through your customers’ preferred channels and addressing their unique needs, witness a significant uplift in your marketing ROI.

Track the impact of digital marketing on in-store sales

By merging your omnichannel customer journeys, online or offline purchases can be linked to customer visits to your store or website. Skeepers helps you analyze and monitor the impact of your digital marketing both online and offline.

Optimize your customer acquisition costs

Skeepers helps you leverage your data to identify and acquire high-value consumer profiles for your brand, such as best offline and omnichannel customers. Using a connected digital ecosystem, we help you identify and recruit customer look-alikes (and exclude existing customers) to effectively optimize your acquisition costs.

Benefits of

Customer Data Activation

Embrace the power of AI

Deliver targeted and personalized communications with the right message, at the right time, on the right channel. Skeepers helps you increase your conversion rates and build customer loyalty.

Perfect your customer knowledge

Adopt an intelligent approach to modern marketing that’s both tailored and respectful of customer expectations. Easily merge online and offline data and analyze customer behavior to build more comprehensive customer knowledge, increase customer satisfaction and strengthen your relationship.

Simplify your employees’ day-to-day work

Boost your marketing team’s efficiency with our Customer Data Activation solution. Select from a catalogue of pre-designed marketing scenarios poised for maximum outreach. Activate your goals in just a few clicks to quickly generate high-performing campaigns.

Boost sales faster and promote sustainability

Launch powerful, personalized and automated campaigns to make an immediate and lasting impact on your brand’s performance and highlight the ROI of each marketing action.

How does it work?

  • Understand your customer journeys

    Leverage customer data with AI and get a global view of every customer journey. Consolidate your data around a single customer profile, reconciling on and offline data and enrich it with third-party data. By linking data with a unique customer identifier, we give you a unified view of each customer’s journey.

  • Target the right audience with the right content

    Adapt each brand content with tailored customers targeting and creating high-performance marketing scenarios. We let you define your audience and choose the right content using our prompted product recommendation model.

  • Activate all your touchpoints

    Activate your best omnichannel marketing campaigns, propose the right product recommendations empowered by AI and activate your omnichannel marketing campaigns to reach your customers in the most effective way using their preferred channels — SMS, email, print, social media, display, onsite and push notifications.

  • Measure the incremental impact of your omnichannel marketing

    Analyze customer purchase behaviours to measure your ROI campaign and harness valuable insights to adapt your marketing strategy accordingly.

Get started with our Customer Data Activation solution.

Our experts are here to help get you started or improve your strategy. Put our powerful AI to work for your brand today.

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