Insight Activation

Boost your web and shop sales with artificial intelligence. Engage your customers effectively by sending individualized campaigns across all channels.

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Gauge digital impact on your shop

Integrate your CRM data with your customers browsing data and track the omnichannel journey of each one of your clients. It´s time to see the impact of digital on traffic and overall sales!

Spot purchase intent

Automatically trigger campaigns that contain the most suitable product recommendations in relation to the customer’s browsing habits at all points of contact (email, SMS, DCO, retargeting…).

Foster online and offline sales

Create tailor repeated purchase campaigns with relevant and effective product recommendations + enhanced segmentation (look alike). Increase your sales without supplementary effort!

marketing activation ai decide skeepers


Leverage data for rapid decision making.
Use qualification & scoring models,
predictive targetting, Look Alike and product recommendations to send
the right message to the right person, through the right channel!

act with marketing activation of skeepers


Leverage Omnichannel insights & media mix.
Have a 
complete overview of online and offline performances to address your customers wherever they are connected:  email, telephone, SMS, social networks,etc.
See all your omnichannel marketing 
campaigns at a glance!

monitor with marketing activation solution of skeepers


Trigger impactful campaigns (real time / personalized / automated) for an immediate & lasting impact on your brand’s revenues. 
Highlight the ROI of every single marketing action!

Give your customers a robust platform to share their experiences

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Predictive and individualized Platform to boost customer Performance

Data collection marketing activation

Data Collection

Trigger impactful campaigns (real time / personalized / automated) for an immediate & lasting impact on your brand’s revenues. 
Highlight the ROI of every single marketing action!

Single ID Reconciliation Marketing Activation

Single ID Reconciliation

Customer matching (between the brand’s customer ID and the hot data collected) is recalculated every day to avoid and correct overlaps.

Ai Predictive models Marketing Activation

AI predictive models

More than 50 qualification and recommendation models, which use AI techniques to harness all the data provided by customers.

Ready to use scenarios Marketing Activation

Readyto-use scenarios

Find turnkey scenarios to ease the work of marketers, automate campaigns and increase efficiency and performance.

Customization engine Marketing Activation

Customization engine

Define the audience, choose the right content with the associated product recommendation model and activate campaigns on the channel(s) of your choice.

Omnichannel activation Marketing Activation

Omnichannel activation

The platform connects with all the tools used by the marketing teams – email routing tools, SMS/VMS senders, etc…Launch your campaigns across all channels!

Performance measurement Marketing Activation

Performance measurement

Compare results between customers who received a communication and those who did not  by setting up a control population.

Data sharing marketing activation

Data Sharing

Follow the impact of digital actions (displayed in Facebook, Criteo and other key players) on the turnover achieved at your stores. 

GDPR compliance Marketing Activation

GDPR Compliance

Interface with the CMP (Consent Management Platform) in order to collect data once the user has given his consent / opt-in.

The Many Integrations Available to you

CRM solutions, CDP, email marketing, helpdesk, and analysis. Insight Activation integrates with the main tools on the market to guarantee a fluid, integrated and efficient data collection.


Manage and activate efficiently your Instagram campaigns.

facebook integrator marketing activation


Manage and get the best results from your Facebook campaigns.

iAdvize integrator marketing activation


Integrate your conversations data in iAdvize.

salesforce integrator marketing activation


Enrich and exploit your Salesfoce data.

Microsoft dynamics 365 integrator marketing activation

Dynamics 365

Use and integrate your CRM database.

Splio integrator skeepers


Connect your Splio platform to activate the best campaigns.

Prestashop integrator marketing activation


Leverage the purchase data from your e-commerce.

Magento integrator marketing activation


Exploit the data from your e-commerce platform.

Mailchimp integrator marketing activation


Activate your email marketing campaigns with MailChimp.

Adobe campaign integrator marketing activation

Adobe Campaign

Activate the most performing Adobe campaigns.

Google Ads integrator Marketing Activation

Google Ads

Activate your Google Ads campaign to the right audience.

Google Tag Manager integrator Marketing Activation

Google Tag Manager

Integrate the Google tags in your campaigns.

Kameleoon integrateur marketing activation


Get the best from your campaigns thanks to the Kameleoon integration.

Criteo integrator marketing activation


Improve your advertising KPI’s with the Criteo integration.

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Give your customers a robust platform to share their experiences

Find out what your customer’s experiences can do for your business. Now more than ever the voice of the customer and brand loyalty will fuel your company.

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