Ratings & Reviews

Transform your customers into valuable contributors by collecting, analyzing and disseminating their reviews with our turnkey solution.

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Add a Human Touch

Reviews improve the relationship with your customers and bring you closer to your potential consumers. Make your marketing strategy more human and interactive.

The n°1 in customer reviews

We are the distributor of Verified Reviews. 92% of users read online reviews. Integrate them immediately on your site: you will have a concrete and measurable impact on your sales performance!

Proof of Authenticity

Today’s consumers expect proof. Prove your authenticity by engaging your customers and posting their reviews on your site.

Website Reviews

What do your customers think about their shopping experience on your website? By collecting and publishing their reviews you can improve your brand reputation and reassure your visitors.

Product Reviews

Get specific feedback on your catalog of products and populate product listings with authentic and valuable content that will drive your organic traffic.

Store Reviews

Reviews of the shopping experience in your stores are published on your certificate page, on the Store Locator and in syndication on Google My Business.

Give your customers a robust platform to share their experiences

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Your customers are your best promoters

Search engines consider customer reviews as premium User Generated Content. Sharing customer reviews improves the performance of your campaigns and your visibility on the web.

Seller Ratings & Ads

Thanks to our partnership with Google, stars will appear in the ads of your campaigns. This is the best way to increase CTR (up to 50%) and reduce CPC (up to 23%).

Rich Snippet & SEO

Your product reviews are integrated into the Rich Snippets of organic search results. All for the benefit of SEO and traffic on your site (up to + 179%).

Product & Website Pages

The publication of customer reviews on a product page can triple your sales, while the website reviews posted on our certificate page will win the trust of users.

Why start collecting reviews now?

Collecting post-purchase reviews leads to tangible results and measurable ROI. Our all-in-one solution makes it easy and here are a few reason why.

Conversion Rate

Increase conversions when publishing reviews on product sheets.

Organic Traffic

Increase in traffic with the integration of product reviews in Rich Snippets.

CTR Campaigns

Increase in CTR with the integration of rating stars in your Ads campaigns.

Campaign Costs

With reviews added to your campaigns, click rates and ad quality increase, leading to a decrease in CPC.

Session Time

Reviews visually capture your visitors who will spend more time on each page and on your site overall.

Review Reading

Since the start of the pandemic, the consultation of reviews pre-purchase have increased by 45%.

Review Management

We have developed a solution to manage your reviews with just one tool. Respond to reviews from Google or Facebook directly from our interface and optimally check your online reputation.

Review Balancing

Do you want to spread the feedback of your real customers also on other channels where your brand is talked about? Your customers’ voice is precious, we help you spread it and improve your brand reputation anywhere on the web.

Review Syndication

Reviews improve your web presence, which is why sharing them is so important. With review syndication, you will also find the feedback collected with us on your Google My Business listing and on your store pages.

Give your customers a robust platform to share their experiences

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Let your community speak for you

Who knows your products better than your customers? With our Questions & Answers module, you can involve your community of customers. Let them answer your visitor’s questions and to reassure them of your product quality.

Increase Conversions

Convert up to 45% of users who have abandoned carts. Keep customers from leaving your site with reassurances on your product pages. Your customers’ responses are a source of transparency for users.

Increase Visibility

Your customers will enrich the product pages of your site for you. This type of User Generated Content will also be appreciated by Google which will rank your pages higher, increasing your online visibility.

Increase Engagement

Engage with your customers and increase their loyalty to your brand. Your satisfied customers will be happy to help your future customers in their purchase decision.


Does a user interested in your product have any doubts? You can leave a question by clicking on the button located in the article page.


Customers who purchased that product will receive a notification to answer the question. Your staff will also be able to respond.


Answers and conversations are published on the product sheet: the pages will then be optimized with additional content useful for users.

Give your customers a robust platform to share their experiences

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Analyze customer reviews

Your customer reviews are a valuable source of insights. Make the most of their potential. With our SmartData analysis tool you can easily analyze your customer reviews to: anticipate new consumption trends, optimize your online catalog and improve the Customer Experience.

Real Time Analysis

Automatically create intuitive reports and compare the information collected with your questionnaires. CSAT, NPS, KPIs, product rankings and points of sale: in one click you have access to a global view of all data.

Custom Reports

Customize dashboards and reports based on the relevant department, store or region. This way you will share the right data with the right people.

Optimize Performance

Valuable data is at your fingertips: use it to predict the best-selling products, identify the most or least performing points of sale and improve the shopping experience of your consumers. The possibilities for growth are endless!

The Many Integrations Available to you

CRM solutions, CDP, email marketing, helpdesk, and analysis. Ratings & Reviews integrates with the main tools on the market to guarantee a fluid, integrated and efficient data collection.



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Give your customers a robust platform to share their experiences

Find out what your customer’s experiences can do for your business. Now more than ever the voice of the customer and brand loyalty will fuel your company.

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