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Ratings & Reviews

Ratings & Reviews

Your customers are your best ambassadors. Turn them into valuable contributors and boost your website with their reviews! Our Verified Reviews platform helps brands take control of their online reputation by collecting, analyzing and sharing customer reviews in just a few clicks. 

A trust mark

Verified Reviews by Skeepers is a trusted third party that has developed a platform for collecting online branded consumer reviews, certified by AFNOR Certification since March 28th 2014.


This turnkey tool simplifies the collection, management and publication of reviews to save you time. Leverage customer feedback to improve your online reputation and become a brand that consumers love! 

Reviews about your products, business and brand

Boost your website’s visibility and conversion rates with reviews about your product range, and online and in-store shopping experience.


Reviews about your in-store shopping experience are published on your certification page, store locator and syndicated on Google My Business. Product reviews enhance your product pages with new authentic, rich content, to give customers a transparent shopping experience and improve your organic traffic.

Leverage your customer reviews

Turn customer reviews into actions: identify areas of improvement for your products and services, build customer loyalty, and offer innovative products in line with your customers’ needs and expectations.

Give your community a voice

Use our review platform to collect feedback in the blink of an eye. Optimize your response rates by collecting omnichannel reviews after an online or in-store purchase.


Help your customers make informed decisions by answering all their questions with our Questions & Answers module. Create a collaborative shopping experience by letting your community answer your customers’ questions and reassure them about the quality of your products.

Our solution explained in 1 minute!

The 4 benefits of our platform

  • An increase in organic traffic
    Customer reviews are eye-catching! Visitors spend more time on pages and websites with reviews than on those without. Search engines consider customer reviews as premium content. Sharing customer reviews boosts your campaign performance and online visibility. Our solution also integrates your product reviews into rich snippets, which show up in organic search results. All of the above improves your SEO and traffic to your site (up to +179%!). Authentic and detailed customer reviews encourage consumers to use your products!
  • A better conversion rate
    Post-purchase reviews are reassuring and boost e-commerce site conversion rates. Publishing customer reviews on a product page can triple your sales, while website reviews on our certification page help gain users’ trust. Thanks to our partnership with Google, stars will also appear on your ads. This is the best way to increase your click rate (up to 50%) and reduce the cost per click (up to 23%).
  • Manage and improve your online reputation
    What do your customers think about your online shopping experience? You can improve your brand’s reputation and reassure visitors by collecting and publishing reviews. Make feedback a key part of your communication strategy and share it on social media too.
  • A smart way to humanize your customer journey
    Consumers today want proof, not promises. Prove your authenticity by engaging your customers and publishing their reviews on your website. Reviews improve your customer relationship and bring you closer to potential consumers. Add a human touch to your marketing strategy and make it more interactive!

How does it work?

  • Review Management
    Respond to Google or Facebook reviews through our interface and optimize your online reputation management with a single solution.
  • Review Balancing
    Do you want to share your real customers’ comments on other channels where people are talking about your brand? The voice of the customers is valuable, and we will help you deploy it and improve your brand’s online reputation.
  • Review Syndication
    Reviews improve your online presence, which is why it is so important to share them. Our platform’s review syndication ensures that customer comments are available on your Google My Business page and your online store.
  • Smart Data
    Our SmartData analysis tool enables you to easily analyze your customer reviews: Anticipate new consumer trends Optimize your online catalog Improve the customer experience Automatically create intuitive reports and compare the information you collect with your surveys. Monitor indicators such as CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) or NPS (Net Promoter Score) and rank your products and points of sale: in one click, you can get an overview of all your data. You can also use our custom dashboards to share the right information with the right people. Valuable data for strategic decision-making!

Success stories

We work with nearly 8,000 clients to create strong connections with their communities, build deep and lasting relationships and achieve their marketing goals. Here is what they have to say… 

Boost your sales and online reputation

Turn your customers into valuable contributors by collecting, analyzing and sharing their reviews in just a few clicks.
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